Packing tip #5

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A dish-box is usually recommended for packing china and fragile items. Line the bottom of the box with crushed paper, this will provide the first layer of protection for your fragile items.
  1. Working from a stack of wrapping paper, place a plate in the center of your sheet. Grasp about two sheets of the paper at one corner. Pull over the plate so as to completely cover plate. Stack second plate on first plate.
  2. Grasp second corner of your paper. Pull over and cover stacked plates.
  3. Stack third plate. Take remaining two corners (one at a time) and fold each over your stack of plates.
  4. Turn your wrapped stack of plates upside down onto your packing paper.
  5. Re-wrap entire bundle. Follow same wrapping procedure as before. Start with one corner of packing paper, and pull two sheets over the bundle; over bundle with next corner, and finally, the fourth.
  6. Place the bundle of flatware in carton so the plates are standing on edge.


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